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Our Mission

Frozen Cap Mushroom Farm is committed to providing fresh and high quality gourmet mushrooms to SE Minnesota and to our immediate local community. In turn, FCMF is also committed to providing a new paradigm in mushroom farming by openly educating others on what we do, how we do, and why we do, so that all can benefit and become better.  We live one with Mother Nature and always as stewards of the land.

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Who we are

My passion originated in the development of urban agriculture that focused on soil health and KNF practices.  As my interest continued to expand, I was introduced to the fungi kingdom and its agricultural benefits.  After seeing the many benefits that mycorrhizae had on drastically  increasing fruit and vegetable production and drastically decreasing  plant sickness and/or diseases overall, I was hooked. After reading books from Paul Stamets, Peter McCoy, and listening to hours of seminars put on by none other than Terrance and Dennis McKenna my curiosity for mushrooms grew even more.  I went from a hobby mushroom grower into an sh-medium scale gourmet mushroom cultivator.  I love every minute, every fight, every victory, every failure, every milestone, everything that is of what makes up my journey.  Come with me and enjoy all of the wonderful tastes, textures, smells, and not to mention health benefits that mushrooms provide for us.

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Powdered Lions Mane


Freeze dried Pioppino


Freeze dried candy

Freeze Dried Lions Mane Powered

I grew and harvested the Lions Mane at a young age and not when the mushroom is grown for size or weight.  Lions Mane is a beneficial mushroom that.....

Freeze dried Pioppino

Freeze dried Pioppino that were harvested at the peak of their growth.

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Freeze dried candy

Freeze dried candy that is packed full of flavor and textures that will blow your mind.  Contact for what is available.

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Located in SE Minnesota

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